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Photography has been a passion of mine for years and years. To the delight of my Mother, I used to have a complete Black and White dark room in my bedroom at the age of 14!
Now, with the advent of digital photography, one is able to take significantly more pictures and be much more experimental than one used to be when having to pay for film and prints!
I am a Canon user, and own a Canon EOS 7D, and a Canon EOS 40D.  I also have a portable studio complete with lights and backdrop. I have significant experience in the following areas of photography.

Food Pictures - Close ups of cooking and food preparation

Wedding Photography - Please call so we can discuss your requirements

Band Photos - With my musical involvement, I take lots of photos of bands

Portrait Work - A passion of mine is portrait photography

Product Photography - For product photos for your business, give me a call!

Animal Photography - Love taking pictures of animals

Landscape Photography - You want pictures of your environment I can do it
To view some of my pictures, click on the links above!

To find out more, please call me on 07977431128, I would be delighted to quote you on your requirements!